Secrets of a Side Hustler

Secrets of a Side Hustler

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Side Hustle Power Hour Sessions

Side Hustle Power Hours are laser focused strategy sessions that are part mentorship, problem solving and a dash of motivation boosts to turn your ideas into action. Bring your biggest side hustle questions for a fun and informative session on how to turn your passion into a paycheck, take your side hustle to the next level and how to balance it all.

What's included

  • 60 minute strategy session
  • Customized worksheets to help you track your actions post-session
  • 2 follow up notes to check in on your progress

Power Hour Sessions are perfect for questions on (but not limited to):

  • How to push through information overwhelm and take action
  • How to bounce back from burnout or how to avoid it in the first place
  • How to figure out when it's time to transition from side hustler to full time entrepreneur
  • How to find and engage customers online and offline
  • How to create events or unique experiences that turn prospects into fans and clients


Here's an overview of the Process:

  • Click the “Book my Session" button to pay for your session through our shop
  • Before our meeting, you'll receive a link to book a session and a mini questionnaire to share a few details about you that will allow me to prepare for our chat
  • On the day of our session bring your questions and we'll spend the hour in strategy mode
  • After the meeting, you'll receive a summary of our discussion

Got more questions before scheduling your session? Send an email to info[at]chivonjohn[dot]com

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